5 Things a Bride should Prepare for her Wedding

5 Things a Bride should Prepare for her Wedding

Your wedding is coming up? That’s amazing! What do you have left to prepare for it? You’re not sure? Well, we can’t have that now, can we?! How about we go through a list of the five most important things for you to remember to prepare, shall we?

Decorations are a Must

You’ve got to be ready with your decoration plan! Do you prefer fanciful or simplistic decorations? What colours do you want? Figure out exactly what you want and then get on your phone to a wedding planner! Tell them exactly what you want and they had definitely better do exactly as you ask!

You’re Going to Need the Perfect Caterers

Every wedding needs food, am I right? Not just for the sake of the guests but for you! Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days you’ve ever had; but I guarantee you when it’s coming to an end you’re going to forget where you are and dive for the tables! So make sure you find excellent caterers. Don’t settle for any mediocre cooks. Find ones with high reviews and pizazz! Once you find them, throw all your favourite foods in that delicious order and look forward to seeing the fantastic result!

What’s a Wedding Without Flowers?

Just about every bride wants flowers at her wedding! Nowadays, you don’t really see any weddings without flowers at them. So head online and figure out what kind of flowers you want spread throughout your wedding room. Whatever flowers you choose, I know they will look as gorgeous as you!

Don’t Forget Your Dress!

Speaking of gorgeous you, have you bought your dress yet? Take as long as you please with this one! Your dress should be absolutely perfect. When someone sees the dress in a random closet they should feel like singing your name. Make sure you get it fitted to your exact measurements, so that it looks lovely, but is also comfy! (Trust me; you don’t want an uncomfortable dress for a whole day!) Once you have it and you can see that it fits and looks perfect, don’t be a silly woman and try to diet! You’re stunning just as you are; I think so, and more importantly, your husband-to-be thinks so! So be proud and eat your regular diet so you can be as strong and healthy as ever when your big day comes!

And Then There’s Your Husband

Every woman knows that by the time you’ve run around getting everything ready, your silly old fiancée is going to be running around like a headless chicken because he hasn’t even gone to buy a suit yet! So of course you may want to set aside some extra time to catch him up. Sounds annoying, but hey; you love him right? Of course you do. So what better way to spend your last moments as an unmarried couple, than doing something super nice for your man?