Marriages and Divorces Need Planning

Marriages and Divorces Need Planning

Marriage is one of the most important events in everyone’s life. It is the day when one ties knot with the partner who is then going to be one’s partner in every decision, happiness and sorrow. It is very necessary that the one you are going to marry is equally educated and is in power as much as you yourself. The person you marry should be same as what you always thought him to be so that there are no regrets and sadness after you are tied to him. Such a lifelong decision needs full planning.

Marriage is a big decision which needs a long planning of the couple who is getting married. Any questions, any doubts should be clarified beforehand so that there is no blame game after the wedding. The people marrying each other must be fully satisfies with each other’s qualities and weaknesses so that they are able to adjust with each other in the long run. Will writing marriages should be formulated which must be signed by the couple both male and female considering that there is equal responsibility of the couple in keeping, protecting and running the married life. This also protects any kind of familial abuses.

Even after all these practices the marriages tend to fall, divorce decision ought not to taken in the heat of the moment. It also needs as long as a planning just like it was done in the planning of marriage. This saves many marriages. If the couple is able to compromise and cooperate with each other than many marriages and unnecessary sadness can be saved. Divorce is also a depression if is taken without any proper planning and also involves the violation of Will writing marriages. The two people suffering it are the most affected and are left alone for the rest of the life.

Therefore divorce planning must include the supervision and the consultation of family and friends. They can always guide and support our decisions. However the final decision is of the couple. Other than this another 6 months are reserved for marriage counseling and staying together. This ensures that the couple is able to cope up with their marriage and is able to see what is good for them and what is not. They need to adjust with each other’s weaknesses. This ensures the betterment of the marriage if the couple is able to cope up with each other.

Now, it is very necessary that planning be done before each and every decision so that it doesn’t proves wrong and the couple is equally happy with each other. This is very important for the two people to stay in a relationship for longer. Therefore these measures should be undertaken and the couple should be taught the advantages of saving their marriage and being happy with each other. The marriage and divorce planning must be encouraged in order to take the best possible decisions that would not hamper the lives of both the individuals. Marriages and divorces thus need planning should be understood by everyone.