Getting Married Second Time Can I Wear Whatever colour?

Before I begin I want to make a small clarification. My chronicle is not intended to apologize for thinness, nor even to say that to be a pretty bride must be a 38. I think that to be beautiful we must assume what we are that this either with a 38 or a 52 and unfortunately it was not my case. I hesitated a lot to write this column, I was afraid that it is misunderstood and badly taken but finally I jumped because this weight loss and this change of silhouette is a primordial phase of my marriage.

It must be said that I have never been a featherweight but during my childhood, I had a weight considered correct. At the dawn of my 10th birthday, my life was pretty upset and like many, I ended up taking refuge in the food. The kilos began to install gradually sneaky but at that age, the well being it gave me helped me to accept the small remarks that began to be heard in college.

Nothing really bad, but nothing very pleasant either. I finished my growth early and at 16 I had my final size, so I was 1m55 for 75 / 80kg. Medically I was already considered obese but physically I was “luscious”.
When I settled with my Bear I was 18 years old and I went from the good food of my grandma to his eating habits of single, as saying that it was fatal for my figure. Between the fast food of all kinds and the 2L of coca that I swallowed daily the kilos took place at a crazy speed.

In 2012 I reached the 96kg I had a burst of will! I could not continue like this! I was 23 years old I could not continue to hide behind loose clothes that did not look like me. Here I am gone to make a mistake by starting one of this hyper-protein diet. After 2 months I lost 8kg it was great but I was hungry, I was in a bad mood and I had only one desire to throw me on everything that was prohibited. You’ll have understood I ended up dropping everything and resume everything with the interests and more.

When my Bear made his request in June 2015 I weighed 108kg!

As I told you in my column this marriage proposal triggered a wave of change in me. Very selfishly I wanted to find myself beautiful for the first time in my life and take care of myself. A few weeks after the request I fell back on photos of me taken the previous year and the tears came up. I was so disgusted! I even asked the Bear how it was to stay with me and how he might want to marry a tuna-like me. The decision was made I had to lose weight but how?

It was out of the question to fall back into an ultra-restrictive regime. My best friend Mademoiselle Blondie who get married 1 month later and who wants to lose weight also talks to me about a nice method, The Secret of Weight. My first reaction was to “weigh and calculate the calories of ALL that I eat it will quickly get drunk”. Miss Blondie and her persuasiveness have convinced me to try, after all, it’s free I just download the application on my phone, then lose 2 is motivating.

September 7th, 2015 is the date of the beginning of my new life! Contrary to what I thought I quickly took the blow and the loss was at the rendezvous.
At that time, I wanted to lose 50kg in 2 parts. I was hoping to lose 40kg before D-Day knowing that at the beginning of the year I had the appointment to take the measurement for my dress, so to avoid paying retouches I allowed myself a max loss of 5kg between the first date and the wedding. If you followed well I had to lose at least 35kg before the end of 2016. The second part will be after the trip and after the marriage of Miss Blondie, I want to access a normal BMI so I have to reach the weight of … 58kg !!!

Balance sheet
Today it’s been a little more than a year and a half since I started this method and a few weeks before my wedding it’s time to take stock.

From the beginning, I took my measurements because the centimeters are often more speaking than the kilos except that I had noted everything on my computer and in January I lost all that was on it so the balance of the measurements will be approximate.

In 18 months I lost:

– 36 kilos, and yes I have not managed to reach my goal but honestly, I’m pretty proud of myself and my career. Today I thin weight loss bride between 72kg and 74kg. And yes I try to stabilize but it’s hard to stay at a fixed weight after such a significant loss, so for 2 months I’m doing the yo-yo at + 2 / -2kg.
-23cm waist
-35cm hip circumference
-22cm chest circumference
-21cm thigh circumference
-10cm calf circumference -9cm arm circumference (and the bat arms I hate)

I also went from a 52 in a T-shirt to a 40/42 and a 54/56 in pants to a 46 (because of my thighs).

Obviously, the biggest change is physical but not only. I’m starting to feel better about myself and want to take care of myself and my look. Recently I even enjoyed shopping and trying on tops and dresses, which had not happened in years (I ordered my clothes on the internet).

This change of body also convinced me not to marry in white jeans but with a real wedding dress as I dreamed.

I just take this short review to thank Miss Blondie because not only did she discover this method but especially because she was my mainstay during this ordeal, she was there to kick me in the ass but also to get up and reassure me when I needed it. Thank you for my Blondie!

And you, have you also decided to make a big physical change? Has your marriage been a trigger? Tell me!