Your love story is unique. Your dress will be too. Whether done by a small designer or purchased on any wedding e-shop, whatever. We will give you the keys to personalize your wedding dress with only one imperative: that it be as resplendent as you day-j. Come on, here we go!


Quietly, your excitement turns into huge stress. The fault – among other things – super-perfect mega photos visible on Pinterest, Instagram …


Seriously, how do these brides do to have naturally wavy hair, the dress that does not crease, the decor in the Pantone color of the year?


They probably do not come from planet Earth, that’s your answer. Be that as it may, the organization of your marriage is progressing little by little, as the bird would nest. Weight loss options


Until the day, Cindy arrives a bit embarrassed at home. Julie, the girl who traumatized you all your high school just posted her wedding photos on Facebook: she cracked on the same Pronovias dress as yours.


Damn it, the god of the wedding is after you or what ?!


Impossible not being in your usual vocabulary, your wedding dress will be above that of Julie, above all these girls option wavy hair / not crinkle dress seen on Pinterest! Unpoincétou.


To do so, you will use a subterfuge that has always been proven: the customization of her wedding dress. Here’s how :


Add a belt to her wedding outfit

It’s crazy as a belt can give a dress a seal. Choose the rhinestones to enhance your chic aura or, why not, color for an original look.


Put on lace straps or velvet ribbons

This dress is sublime, but it is bustier … Or you are not very comfortable with this idea.


Why not add two pretty lace or velvet bands to create braces? According to your wish, they can even cross in the back for a magnificent effect.


Dye her wedding dress

Have you always dreamed of wearing a colored wedding dress? For a chic and vintage look, turn to half-hues: powdery pink or eggshell beige. Vintage effect assured!


A little precision is still needed. Watch out for the material of your dress! Some materials absorb pigments better than others.


If your dress is made of different materials, it may not be the best option … The best? Inquire with a confirmed dyer


Add a big bow to her wedding dress

“A bow never hearts anybody! Translation: A knot of more or me does no harm to anyone!


You have always dreamed of a huge knot in the back but your dress is lacking? It is very simple to make by a seamstress and the effect is maximum!


Add a train to his party outfit

We saw it on all the red carpets this year: the toga. It gives panache to any dress and, most importantly, makes you a queen.


On the fabric side, noble and rather rigid materials are preferred as wild silk.


In place of the toga, you can opt for a bridal veil integrated into your outfit, ideal for empire style wedding dresses.


Have her wedding dress embroidered

One of our favorite tips? To make border his dress.


“Inseparable” birds that intertwine, geometric shapes like “30s”, small beads on the edge of your dress … Let your imagination sail according to your desires.