Find some amazing tips for your wedding

Buffet or seated dinner? It all depends on the desired mood. The Cornelian choice of dinner cocktail / buffet or meal at table haunts you? To help you, know that it will influence the atmosphere of the evening. Caroline Lemoigne-Hirel explains it as follows: ” If you want a great conviviality, that you expect a large number of guests and that the chosen place offers a multiplicity of spaces, the dinner cocktail could work perfectly. made more formal, that you have a unity of place, that you are a little less numerous, a long cocktail followed by a dinner sitting short will work better “.

Do not neglect security. According to our wedding planter, this is the detail not to forget. Concretely, foresee the presence of firemen , in particular in the presence of braseros, candles, lanterns or smokers; that of an emergency doctor or firefighter to assist in case of removal from an emergency hospital; a lifeguard in case of a body of water; babys siters with a first aid certificate for supervising children. You will never be too careful. Capitol Mediation West Sussex

Dedramatize on the end time. There is a tendency to put a lot of emphasis on the end time of the dancefloor. As Caroline Le Moigne-Hirel testifies, this is not always the perfect indicator of the success of the marriage. For a festive day, bet especially on the quality of artistic and musical programming (rather entrust it to a professional than to your uncle, so). Above all, remember that the atmosphere is greatly infused by the bride and groom. ” Brides present, warm, dancers or singers send a strong signal “. Have fun, and others will do the same!

Plan B in case of rain . It is the number one enemy of the bride and groom: the rain . Except that for once, even if you are an ace of the organization, impossible to influence the weather (if so, we want your secret). To better manage the weather, we choose a place that offers a plan B quality, as explained by Caroline: ” For example:” if the ceremony must be mounted indoors, we will enjoy the fire “… allows less fear this scenario ” . And if the rain is at the rendezvous, do not worry: the adage rainy wedding, happy marriage, is verified. “Rainy weddings are among the most festive. Benevolent guests bring a lot of energy to compensate for this bad weather, “says our expert, who would make almost a little dance.

Take a break! Certainly easier said than done, but it is the mantra to be repeated on the day J. Particularly intense emotions, we agree not to be able to manage everything at once, trying to focus on the essential. A successful marriage can be summed up in three words: ” Authenticity, friendliness, and emotion “.